Угловой диван Картье
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Cartier corner sofa - maximum immersion in comfort

Frequent vacation of a large company or space for the comfort of the whole family requires appropriate proposals. And we are pleased to present the most functional corner Cartier sofa. Its modularity helps to choose any shape and size. The presence of a sleeping place, reclining modules and hidden under them niches for storage allow you to feel all the thoughtfulness of the design of the corner Cartier.

It really allows to rest, because the depth of the seat is favorable to relaxed “home” poses and rest of the whole body, not just the top part of it.

When desired, one of the modules can be unfolded to make it most comfortable to rest.

Transformation mechanism

All responsibility for sleeping comfort lies with the two-layer mattress made of high-comfort and high elasticity polyurethane foam. It is the combination of these layers that achieves the incredible softness of Cartier sleeper. And the silent and precise operation of the sliding mechanism of its unfolding  brings real daily pleasure.Thanks to the modularity of the sofa bed can be expanded by adding sections.

However, no matter how big Cartier corner is, its unique design with a lowered backrest to the armrests always looks easy and neatly integrated into the interior without overpowering its beauty.

Style, functionality and comfort of the corner Cartier is “all at once” of your rest!

Fabrics and materials
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