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Fabio – a stylish, spacious, comfortable armchair with adaptive functions.

The attractive appearance of this armchair is achieved by perfect proportions with a rather complex design, typical of the entire line of Fabio upholstered furniture. Its rectangular parts have a perfect combination and finish. They form an anatomically correct seating relief due to the deep seat, back angle and movable headrest.

The headrest functions simply and securely. By easily changing its angle you get the most comfortable position of head and the whole body. The quality of the headrest mechanism is guaranteed by European standards, because it is made in Poland.

Transformation mechanism

An absolutely comfortable armchair is one you can relax by sitting, half-sitting, as well as lying down.  We created the Fabio folding chair so that you can feel complete comfort every day and night. The roll-out mechanism allows the chair to unfold halfway or fully and create the conditions for the necessary rest.

Healthy and efficient sleep on the Fabio chair is provided by two layers of polyurethane foam: the lower is stiffer and the upper is highly resilient. This combination creates a mattress with orthopedic properties and high-tech assembly excludes visible seams in the sleeping area.

The Fabio adaptive is a compact format of upholstered furniture with all the features of a premium armchair.

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