Прямой диван Ферручи
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Ferruchi is a modular sofa with sensor-adaptive technology.

This sofa combines traditional seating relief with innovations for more relaxation.

In addition to the adjustment of the headrests and armrests, the seat depth of the Ferrucci sofa can also be changed. Just touch the button hidden between the seats and the built-in electric-touch transformation mechanism gently slides the seat forward. Now it is possible to stretch out legs, adjust the headrest in a suitable position and turn the armrest the way it feels comfortable at the moment.

Transformation mechanism

The modular design of the sofa allows to assemble a straight configuration Ferruchi different sizes. Step of size variation is 50 mm. Thus, the size of a straight Ferrucci and the number of sliding seats is determined by the customer. The design of armrests is also variable: they can consist of one or two lower cushions and a movable upper part.

The only thing that remains unchanged is the original design of Ferruchi. Its curved shapes and rounded edges reflect the latest trends in furniture fashion. Ultra-modern flat chrome legs give the sofa a lightness and “echo” with the open parts of the armrest mechanism.

Create a Ferruchi sofa for yourself and use the power of its comfort to the maximum!

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