Кресло Келли
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Kelly armchair as a conceptual individual comfort!

The distribution of space for resting in the interior depends on the size and shape of the room. If there is plenty of space, you can fill the comfort zone with a set of sofa and chairs from the same line. As well as place the Kelly chair where there is a lack of space for a large sofa. It easily unfolds into a reclining and lying position. Its headrest with a movable mechanism made in Germany has five tilt angles to find individual comfort.

Resting in a Kelly armchair always gives a special feeling of comfort, with its comfortable soft surfaces and optimal armrest height. So, with anatomical back support and adjustable functional headrests, you can achieve a perfectly comfortable position of the body.

Transformation mechanism

The ” Telescope” roll-out mechanism and three layers of various densities of polyurethane foam in the mattress make it easy to transform into a high comfort sleeping area. Moving the seat forward, you actuate the mechanism which forms a single sleeping area from three separate mattress blocks. The transformation technology mechanism makes the mattress feel absolutely solid and provides the most comfortable support for your back.

The Kelly armchair is a perfect opportunity to rest alone being close to your dearest!

  • Кресло Келли схема ()
  • Кресло Келли схема ()
  • Кресло Келли схема ()
  • Кресло Келли схема ()
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