Confidently guaranteeing the quality of ROSHE products – we don’t take any risks, we take responsibility. Material responsibility for your comfort!

Our company provides an 18-month guarantee period for residential use and a 12-month guarantee period for commercial use of ROSHE upholstery furniture.

It means that during this time we will repair or replace free of charge any element of upholstered furniture that fails due to manufacturer’s fault.

You will have at least one year, a full year, to see how ROSHE upholstered furniture meets the declared qualities in terms of assembly, finish and functionality.

That is how we protect the interests and rights of our clients and take care of their comfort even after the furniture has been sold.

You prolong the service period of ROSHE upholstered furniture for many years by following the rules of its exploitation, the main message of which is intuitively clear – “do no harm”.

Basic rules of exploitation:

  • It is not recommended to place upholstered furniture closer than 1 meter to heaters, as well as under direct sunlight;
  • Do not place upholstered furniture in damp rooms or near damp walls;
  • Upholstered furniture should be placed only on a flat surface, do not move on rugs, carpets, etc., move only in disassembled form;
  • Do not walk, jump, load a lot of weight seats, armrests and headrests

If after assembly you notice a defect, incompleteness or discrepancy with the individual order, it should be reported without delay, because after the start of exploitation claims on the external appearance are not accepted.


Complaints about the quality of the furniture during the guarantee period?

You can apply for a free repair of your furniture in the salon where you made the order, if you have a guarantee card and a receipt or other document confirming payment for the goods.