About Company

About Company

the special meaning
of comfort

Modern furniture is out of stereotypes, offering absolute comfort in an impeccable style! That is how we see our work today.

Our aim is to bring new meaning to the creation of furniture for daily sleep with an emphasis on fancy design.

After opening the manufacture of upholstered furniture in 2001 our team has clearly identified a set of principles for further development.These principles have become the strict guidelines for the ROSHE company and have allowed us to get closer to our desired goal.



we are selling quality furniture

Over the years, ROSHE products have become an example of furniture evolution. In our country, finally, appeared upholstered furniture of European level!

Today ROSHE is a recognizable brand of ergonomic, stylish furniture with a choice of options and sizes, unique showroom presentations and impeccable service.

We implement new time trends to make you wish to stop its course in the embrace of ROSHE furniture.

We offer really functional, ergonomically designed sofas, which improve the rest quality and are comfortable to use.
Being guided by global trends in the production of upholstered furniture, ROSHE developed and introduced advanced technologies and created the author’s transformation mechanisms.