Cartier 2-seater sofa – an ideal element of smart living concept

Elena Ambatello professionally embodied in her project the client’s desire: in a fairly short period of time to arrange the interior in pastel shades, but with a manifestation of stylistic character.

The apartment was being prepared for rent and the owner wanted to finish all the furnishing work as quickly as possible.

That is why Elena turned to the ROSHE managers with a request for sofas in stock. From the entire range of ready-made upholstered furniture, she chose Cartier 2-seater sofa, because it successfully matches various styles of modern homes due to the lowered back and a cozy “homely” look.

Calm color with the ornament elements

and natural materials in the interior design gave the apartment a stylish modern look and a comfortable atmosphere. The decor and lighting added a sense of cozy home.

Диван Картьє «двійка» - ідеальний елемент концепції сучасного житла 2
Диван Картьє «двійка» - ідеальний елемент концепції сучасного житла 1
Диван Картьє «двійка» - ідеальний елемент концепції сучасного житла

For daytime rest Cartier 2-seater sofa offers a wide and deep seat,

and at night it becomes a soft double bed. The daily transformation of the sleeping space is easy and effortless, thanks to the mechanism of ultra-precise guides. Healthy sleep is ensured by two layers of high-quality filling.

Cartier 2-seater sofa implements the latest trends in upholstered furniture, both visually and technically.

Its design expressed in a combination of different shapes and contrasting lines impresses its democracy. The textured piping highlights the unusual geometry of the individual parts of Cartier…

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Such a combination of upholstered furniture qualities becomes a truly ideal component of housing for both temporary and permanent accommodation.

We are grateful to our partner Elena Ambatello for her trust in the ROSHE brand and talented use of the Cartier model in her interesting design project.