The duo of the “Kelli” sofa and “Cloud” armchair in a light minimalism from designer Maria Kabak.

It is a new project from a new partner of ROSHE – designer Maria Kabak and her Light Interiors studio, which created a modern high-ergonomic living space from the 83.5 m² apartment in the “Legend” residential complex.

Maria’s author’s idea was to combine the living area into a kitchen zone and a terrace.

In addition to the kitchen- living room, she also managed to place two bathrooms, a bedroom and a study in the apartment. On the blueprint of the project you can see how well all zones are placed.

Today the priority for our customers is to feel the comfort of rest, the comfort of moving and comfort of using their home.

The owner wanted the interior to have a light and cozy minimalism.

So the choice fell on a monochrome palette with colorful accents in the dining group, the hall and living room, which set the tone of calm and relaxation in the room. The lighting and decor reflect the minimalist style with clear lines and shapes. Its actual use makes the whole design project сomplete, and the whole apartment becomes tempting and comfortable to live in.


Our sofa «Kelli» not only harmoniously fits into the concept of design, but also became the most optimal place for relaxation in the entire apartment.

According to its owner: “First of all the Kelli looks great exactly in the living room, but its head restraints are flexible and can be adapted to different positions, which will be very handy while watching our favorite TV shows. There is a big “plus” that the couch can be expanded by request.

The other headliner of the project is the “Cloud chair” placed in the area of panoramic windows on the terrace.

It just makes you feel good sitting near the window with a cup of coffee and watching the early morning sunrise. Comfortable fit and luxury design make the “Cloud” a special kind of relaxation in your home.

Every detail of the interior design in this project is chosen with care and thought for the comfort of the homeowner.

Thanks Maria Kabak for your cooperation and trust in ROSHE!