Alina Tsomyk

The design project by our partner, the talented interior designer Alina Tsomyk involved arranging the space of a studio apartment for a young family with all the comfort components.

You can see Alina’s other works on the interior visualization of different sizes and purposes at and convince of her talent as a computer graphics artist as well.

The 57.7m² apartment in a new building is planned according to the smart space principle: nothing superfluous, everything is nearby, intersects and complements each other.

Modern interior style, natural materials, light and warm color scheme with emerald accents, ergonomics of each area, and especially the area for daily rest and sleep – these are the clients’ wishes for the future appearance of their cozy home.

Проект Смарт-диван Олли для современного смарт-интерьера

Alina offered her clients the compact Olli sofa by ROSHE which not only fits beautifully into the color concept of the project, but also well-organized the comfort zone.

Having no armrests, Olli saves a good 50 cm of space, but still provides a sleeping place with the size of 1550×2010 mm for everyday use. The deep seat is more anatomically shaped and the lowered backrest is very comfortable to lean on with its soft cushions.

Смарт-диван Олли для современного смарт-интерьера

Large side pockets and a niche for bed linen under the seat serve as storage, which is especially valuable in smart apartments.

Compact Olli sofa – big possibilities of comfort in a small area

The main feature of the Olli sofa design is a complete absence of armrests which saves living space in studio apartments and small rooms. However, it is possible to make pockets on the ends of the sofa and pouf for storing a remote control, phone or book “at hand”…

more about the sofa

The small straight Olli sofa can also be easily turned into a corner one by adding a rectangular footstool.

The asymmetric seating design makes the new corner Olli modification a harmonious and integral look.