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Прямой диван Олли
Price of this set: from  29 781  UAH
Compact Olli sofa - big possibilities of comfort in a small area

The main feature of the Olli sofa design is a complete absence of armrests which saves living space in studio apartments and small rooms. However, it is possible to make pockets on the ends of the sofa and pouf for storing a remote control, phone or book “at hand”.

Asymmetrical cut of the seat allows to combine different fabrics-companions, creating stylistic accents in the interior. And the piping detail on the seams can be in tone with the main fabric upholstery or a bright contrasting line on the background of a single-colored material.

Transformation mechanism

The deep seat and low back of Olli allow to take a more natural body position while resting to sit casually at home. You can adjust the comfort of seating with the roller attached to the back of the square cushion, moving it up on the back of the sofa or down – under the lower back.

Daily sleep on the sofa Olli provides “Stepping” mechanism of transformation of the sleeping area. Increased softness of the mattress is given by the spring coiled serpent in the frame structure which consists of metal and wood.

Supplemented with an Olli pouf turns from a straight sofa into a corner one. But depending on the position of pouf attachment to the sofa, it can be either an ottoman, or a comfortable table, or straight elongated Olli. For small spaces, this model of upholstered furniture is a real godsend!

Find your personal variant of comfort with a compact but multifunctional Olli sofa!

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