Larry bench
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Банкетка Ларри первое фото
Price of this set: from   7 980  UAH
Larry bench completes the furniture filling of the bedroom with coziness and comfort.

In addition to Larry bed, this bench creates an opportunity for better space organizing. It allows to put your own belongings, clothes or bedding beside, but not on the bed where you are resting. The bench will also become an add-on seat when the bed is already tidy.

Soft on all sides, the bench seat is rectangular in shape. The shape and appearance of the bench is completely the same style as Larry bed: straight lines, rounded corners.

Looking at the bench, its visually invisible leg mounting intrigues the imagination. The hidden connection technology indicates high craftsmanship and gives the product the status of premium furniture.

The legs are made of full-metal tube with a coating that is resistant to mechanical damage. If desired, they can be made in a matte black color or a noble “satin” color, obtained by polishing the stainless steel. And the height of Larry’s legs is enough for any modern robot vacuum cleaner.

Choosing for your bedroom Larry set, you fill it with not only stylish, but also thoughtful furniture that meets the challenges of the present time.

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