Larry bed
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Larry bed – new concept and aesthetic of modern furniture sleeping.

Standing out for its special lightness among other beds in the ROSHE furniture range Larry has a trendy minimalist design with modern functionality.

Based on the Karol modular sofa the Larry bed has a metal frame providing a sturdy and compact structure with high and thin legs.

They securely hold the bed’s vault on a hidden mount and have a simply flawless look thanks to its solidity from top to bottom.

Such sophistication as the all-metal surface of the legs instead of the tube with a plastic cap and the hidden regulating heel are indicators of the aesthetics and functionality of our premium furniture. By the way, the coating of the steel legs is resistant to mechanical damage and at the customer’s request can be either black matte color or the noble color “satin” obtained by polishing stainless steel. The legs’ height makes it possible for any robot vacuum to move under the bed unimpeded.

The stylish rectangular headboard has overlay cushions with anatomically rounded edges. They always give comfort whenever you want to watch a movie, read your favorite book or delve into social media with your smartphone. And at the right moment these cushions can be detached and given to the dry cleaner.

Technological features

All parts of the Larry bed have hidden attachments, so it looks like they’re “magnetized” to each other. All because of the high technology of assembly: the frame is assembled separately and the finishing material in the form of a one-piece cover is “put on” and fixed on the finished frame.

It allows to create a design without visible connections and also to remove the frame and headboard covers for cleaning, if necessary.

Choosing a frame you adjust the level of your personal comfort.

Letto Medio – a standard frame with equal load distribution due to the slats attached to the frame which securely hold the mattress providing air ventilation.

Letto de Luxe is a premium frame with latto-holders as shock absorbers made of stress-resistant rubber. The slats have two degrees of freedom, so they function in two planes giving the most comfortable sleep.

Larry’s size spectrum is just amazing – 8 sizes! With a mattress length of 2000 mm and 1900 mm you can choose a bed width of 1400 mm, 1600 mm, 1800 mm or 2000 mm.

Larry bed – an aesthetic perfection of comfort in any size!

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  • Кровать Ларри ()
  • Кровать Ларри схема ()
  • Кровать Ларри схема ()
  • Кровать Ларри схема ()
  • Кровать Ларри схема ()
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