Hanni bench
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Банкетка Ханни описание товара
Price of this set: from   5 539  UAH
Hanni bench is designed to increase the convenience of staying in the bedroom.

It proves to be indispensable every time you need to undress and put your clothes at hand or quickly put on a warm robe on a chilly morning without searching for it long among the things in the closet.

You can also temporarily put your belongings, a rug, a book, a notebook, or, for example, pillows on the bench while making the bed or lifting its frame. It is very convenient to have a bench at hand, which can act as a pouf or a support for a tray with a delicious breakfast.

Completing Hanni bed set, the bench not only performs its auxiliary function, but also gives a more perfect look to this stylish bedroom set.

It has a lowered height in relation to the mattress and completely repeats the design of Hanni bed itself. The single philosophy of soft rounded shapes and straight lines of the finishing seams makes it possible to perceive such an ensemble of furniture as a whole, which significantly increases the level of comfort in the bedroom.

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