Cartier footstool
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Пуф Картье
Price of this set: from   9 828  UAH
Cartier footstool - a worthy addition of premium comfort!

The voluminous Cartier-style footstool complements the sofas and also looks favorable as a separate piece of furniture. Rectangular shape and dimensions allow to reveal all the features of its purpose.

You can attach the footstool to the sofa and create a kind of ottoman, increasing the area for leisure. The footstool is a large piece of furniture set which can serve as a “table” for magazines, laptop, glider, plaid and a food tray at the same time. A smart bench for things. And another seating place for guests or household members. Comfortable, soft and safe area for family board games.

Definitely, Cartier footstool functions complement the fantasy of the owners during operation, but the fact that it will become an indispensable assistant in achieving the perfection of home comfort can be realized from the first minute.

Design and filling of the footstool fully correspond to the design and style features of Cartier line. In proportions, the footstool fully repeats the characteristic increased sofa seat depth. That provides the same effect of “full set” comfort premium class!

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