Hanni bed
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Кровать Ханни
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Hanni bed

By creating this model, we have embodied the concept of the bed as an accent piece of furniture which, with its small dimensions, fits into any architectural solution of the interior. The special design of Hanni bed with its rounded shapes instead of sharp corners creates a feeling of warmth and comfort in the bedroom.

The light trapezoidal form of the bed has a decoration with a textured piping around the edge and straight volume seams, which give it the opportunity to be well combined with the geometry of the bedroom, emphasizing the corners of the furniture, decor items and walls of the bedroom.

The combination of straight lines, volume and rounding in Hanni bed distinguishes it from standard furniture, making a sample of a unique headset for a bedroom.

Transformation mechanism

The Hanni bed is available based on the Letto Medium frame by standard or with the Letto de Luxe frame with improved comfort. Both frames have 4 types of mattress sizes: 1400×2000 mm, 1600×2000 mm, 1800×2000 mm and 2000×2000 mm.

The Letto Medium frame is a base, which provides evenly support and distributes the weight of the mattress due to the resilient qualities of the slats set on the top of its steel frame. Maximum ventilation of the mattress is ensured by the curvature of the slats.

The Letto de Luxe is a premium bed frame.

It has special slat holders – shock absorbers made of stress-resistant rubber. They allow the slats to flex in the vertical plane and move horizontally, which makes the bed even more comfortable.

A niche for bed linens is placed under the sleeper. It has been designed to be split for easy cleaning under the bed, but also fully protected from dust ingress. It’s also isolated from any noise that might disturb sleep. With its metal frame the niche can withstand up to 80 kg.

Hanni set can be brightly complemented with a comfortable bench. When upholstered furniture allows the rational use of space – it is the best solution for the sleeping comfort.

  • Кровать Ханни схема
  • Кровать Ханни схема
  • Кровать Ханни схема
  • Кровать Ханни схема
  • Кровать Ханни схема
  • Кровать Ханни схема
  • Кровать Ханни схема
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