Прямой диван Лотти
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Lottie sofa is a style and compactness with a high comfort indicators!

Lottie was designed as a light and comfortable solution for small-sized living. No armrests make it possible to harmoniously fit this sofa into the interior and save valuable meters of free space.

The design of the Lottie sofa is quite minimalistic, but it has own features. Two back cushions provide comfortable seating due to the angled surface, which is more natural and comfortable for the back muscles and gives them a true relaxation. In combination with the correct seating depth, the cushions form an anatomically correct relief of the sofa Lottie.

Sophisticated comfort is also complemented with tufted surface of the seat and cushions. It gives a feeling of firmness, fullness and a spectacular sofa look. Lottie looks especially attractive in different velvet fabrics such as velour, chenille or faux suede. The play of light and shadow creates a noble and self-sufficient image of Lottie straight sofa in the interior.

Transformation mechanism

First of all, Lottie is a folding sofa and its compactness doesn’t exclude the comfort of the sleeping space. ” Stepping” transformation mechanism makes it easy to unfold the sofa, turning it into an everyday bed. With a gentle nudge the seat moves forward, slowly dropping onto the chrome legs, and lowering the back of the sofa you get a sleeping place size 1600×2010 mm. For optimal comfort we filled the mattress with two types of polyurethane foam. The first layer is the EL brand polyurethane foam which is high resistant. And the second layer provides softness and comfort of your sensations during sleep – it is foam HS brand with high elasticity properties. Therefore, sleeping on the Lottie sofa with the parameters of a double orthopedic mattress is always effective and healthy.

A significant advantage of the Lottie sofa is also a niche for linens which is hidden under the seat. Its high-quality finishing allows to carefully store home textiles in a well-groomed state.

Lottie sofa – compact, expressive, comfortable!

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