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Кровать Ферро
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Ferro is a contemporary premium bed with a movable headboard.

The bed has always been perceived as a stationary furniture item for sleeping, although we don’t always rest on it just lying down. Resting on the bed in a sitting position leaning on a straight headboard is rarely long and comfortable for watching TV, reading books, working with a laptop and so on.

Given our 20 years of experience and current requests for adaptive furniture, we have developed a bed with a movable split headboard to meet a couple’s different relaxation needs. And that’s a whole new approach to double bed comfort!

Visually, the headboard looks soft and voluminous, pleasant to the touch and is perceived as a solid structure. Due to the barely rounded shape of the headboard and the straight decorative seams on it the Ferro bed fits both the traditional straight lines of bedrooms and the more sophisticated forms in modern interiors.

Transformation mechanism

The headboard transformation mechanism (made in Poland) allows to change its tilt angle with a slight movement reliably locks any position without a click sound and withstands the load of 20 newton-meters at each fixation point.

Sleeping comfort is ensured by a sturdy and durable frame of premium European-made Letto de Luxe. It is made of steel tube with overlap seam and 52 slats which are mounted in caoutchouc latto-holders shock-absorbers.

The Ferro bed is made in 8 different sizes. With a mattress length of 2000 and 1900 mm and the width of the bed 1400 mm, 1600 mm, 1800 mm or 2000 mm. The bed is equipped with a storage space for bed linen. It withstands loads up to 80 kg, is dustproof and internally lined with a special soundproofing tape and is split for easy cleaning under the bed.

Special functionality and versatile style of Ferro are advantages to finally choose the new generation bed by ROSHE!

  • Premium frame with 52 slats and rubber latto-holders
  • Polyurethane foam with elastic properties and low residual deformation
  • Birch plywood class E1
  • High-resilient polyurethane
  • The headboard transformation mechanism locks its position without a click
  • Lifting mechanism
  • Metal frame
  • Split storage space with the load up to 80 kg
Кровать Ферро в разрезе
  • Кровать Ферро схема ()
  • Кровать Ферро схема ()
  • Кровать Ферро схема ()
  • Кровать Ферро схема ()
  • Кровать Ферро схема ()
  • Кровать Ферро схема ()
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