Прямой диван Томсон
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Straight Thomson sofa is a simplicity design, comfort rest and reliable exploitation

The traditional look of the upholstered furniture helps easily fit the lounge area into any finished or planned interior. Rectangular lines of the seat, wide armrests and three comfortable back cushions harmonize with other interior items, most of which also have straight geometric shapes.

And depending on the color of the chosen upholstery fabric, you can make the sofa Thomson either visually unobtrusive base style of the entire room or a bright center of it.

The quality of the sofa seat and cushions fillings allows to maintain the appearance of Thomson throughout its lifetime.

Transformation mechanism

The Thomson sofa has a stepping mechanism to quickly and conveniently transform the seat. It makes the daily unfolding easy for you and safe for your floor. It is enough to slightly raise the seat and it starts to move forward gently resting on the floor. Lowering the back of the sofa you form a double bed for sleeping.

Five-coil spring block and a polyurethane foam mattress provide an orthopedic effect and the correct position of your body during sleep. A big niche under the seat helps to organize convenient storage of bed linen.

Due to the size change possibility Thomson sofa can be increased or reduced in steps of +/-10 cm by reducing sleeping area or the armrests in increments of 5 cm.

Stability of comfort and style with the ability to change the dimensions make Thomson a desired resting option for many years!

  • Прямой диван Томсон схема ()
  • Прямой диван Томсон схема ()
  • Прямой диван Томсон схема ()
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