Milli corner sofa
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Угловой диван Милли 2mp-1mp
Price of this set: from   40 178  UAH
Milli sofa in the ottoman version is even more comfortable to rest and use!

Keeping the same compactness and style, this sofa has enhanced its functionality by adding an ottoman. It is designed to give comfort in the half-sitting and half-lying, to unfold easily, to store bedding and soft blankets in a large niche, multiplying the possibilities of comfort.

High and low back cushions form the right seating relief, fully relaxing all parts of the back. Its spectacular design with the fabric assemblies and voluminous seams charms with its airiness and attracts visual softness.

Transformation mechanism

Narrow but soft armrests reflect Milli’s signature finishing, and due to its small width “keep” the sofa in the category of small-sized furniture. However, the technological effectiveness of Milli remains at a high level! Its seat is extended thanks to a special step mechanism which makes it easier everyday folding out of the sleeping place in this Euro-book. The filling of the mattress consists of a 5-turn spring block, PPU and siliconized sintepon that creates a reliable and comfortable sleeping place. It is important that the mattress stiffness of the sleeper is chosen by the customer.

Corner Milli improves functionality by maintaining compactness and stylishness!

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