Диван Фабио 2 трансформация
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Fabio 2-seater sofa – a stylish adaptive furniture in compact dimensions.

Every line, seam and element of this sofa are well-thought-out to ensure the primary level of upholstered furniture

The voluminous rectangular shapes of the sofa create an anatomical seating relief through ergonomics: correct seat depth, back angle and functional headrests. The two active headrests change the angle independently of each other, satisfying your individual needs for comfort when resting together. Adjustment is pleasant and comfortable and is done by easy transformation of the mechanism made in Poland, which allows to choose one of five positions. So, just sitting on the sofa, you get full relaxation of the muscles which gives your body an effective renewal of energy.

Transformation mechanism

The double seat of the sofa gives enough space to rest together and makes Fabio 2-seater sofa more maneuverable. A full finish of all surfaces of the sofa gives a place to rest in the center of the interior, forming an island of comfort for family companionship.

Roll-out transformation mechanism which turns the sofa into a bed has the size of a full double bed and all the features of an orthopedic mattress. Two layers of polyurethane foam in its base: firm on the bottom and highly elastic on the top, guarantee high comfort for sleeping.

Fabio sofa fits well into modern interior styles, provides comfort and gives more freedom.

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