Olli footstool
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Кресло Олли
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Olli pouf completes your rest with variability!

Arrangement of rest and sleep in small spaces becomes an art when there is a model of Olli upholstered furniture. And in this line, in addition to the compact folding sofa with a modern design, the large Olli footstool has a unique function.

It changes the look of the sofa from straight to corner one by placing it at the end or in front of the sofa seat. The option of attaching it to the seat creates a comfortable ottoman. Also performing the role of a bench seat and a coffee table, the pouf Olli becomes a really useful element of upholstered furniture and expands the possibilities of your home rest.

Design details and proportions of the pouf are similar to the seat of the Olli sofa. The filling also corresponds to the characteristics of the model. The special footstool surface softness is due to the combination of a spring coil in the frame basis and two kinds of polyurethane foam: of high comfort and high resilience.

At the customer’s request, both in the sofa and in Olli pouf, it is possible to make side pockets for casual items which help to maintain comfort and order in the house.

Your favorite book, phone or remote control won’t get lost, but stay in the deep pocket of the pouf where they have been left behind.

Olli footstool – a great addition to the comfort of a small space!

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