Прямой диван Керол 2
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Straight modification of the Karol sofa - more variations of modern comfort

Karol model by ROSHE symbolizes the evolutionary changes in the standards of comfort upholstered furniture. Experimenting with its forms, we have created a direct modification of the Karol sofa by removing the large ottoman component.

The modular design of the sofa without ottomans allows to create a straight sofa with a variety of modules sizes that unfold independently of each other. Now Karol straight sofa can be arranged in a small room as well as spread out this pleasure on a great length.

Simple geometry and high legs of the Karol sofa – the features of new generation furniture. On the one hand minimalistic and formal Karol design, but on the other hand its seat, back and armrests feel equally soft, so additional cushions can be only a stylistic complement this softness of feeling.

Transformation mechanism

This sofa transforms into a bed, but at first glance difficult to determine that it’s folding.

All thanks to our own development of a hi-tech transformation mechanism based on an ultra-thin metal frame that is invisible to the eye when folded. It provides an aesthetic Karol appearance and allows the robot vacuum cleaner to clean under its seat without obstacles.

Solid frame and slats provide reliable load distribution and two layers of polyurethane foam – one with elastic properties and low residual deformation and the other highly elastic – give anatomic properties to the mattress. This combination of comfort elements ensures an effective and pleasant sleep on the straight Karol sofa.

Alternative design solutions give more freedom in finding the perfect comfort at home!

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