Пуф Кэрол первое фото
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Karol footstool as an extension of the functionality of the model

The purpose of the footstool is to add more comfort to rest. It can be an additional seat, as well as a replacement for the coffee table. Karol footstool has a large size and comes in handy for everyday use as well as during the holidays in a large company.

For the corner sofa, a large Karol footstool, attached to the seat, increases the resting space, and for its straight version, placing it near the seat creates a comfortable ottoman.

The filling of the footstool seat corresponds to Karol sofa and consists of two layers of polyurethane foam: high comfort and high resilience. Elastic and comfortable it perfectly complements the sofa and is used separately. Thanks to the height of the legs, the robot vacuum cleaning will be completely unobstructed.

Ability to combine the finishing material allows to make Karol footstool in the same set of fabrics as the main sofa or an accent piece of furniture in the interior.

It can be more beautiful furniture and more comfortable rest with Karol footstool!

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