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Прямой диван Милли
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35 619  UAH
Milli sofa – an aesthetic comfort benefit!

At first glance you can feel the coziness, airiness and unique style of this sofa. Combined with the moderate size, these qualities define Milli sofa as a compact, comfortable and exclusive type of upholstered furniture for modern interiors.

An interesting cut of the upholstery and accentuated forms in Milli’s finishing combined several popular trends in furniture fashion. That is how the sofa appeared for the customer audience which was waiting for more daring and free vision of comfort by ROSHE.

Transformation mechanism

Milli design is simple and functional – it is a euro-folding sofa with a stepping mechanism of transformation. Just a gentle push and the seat will start to move forward, slowly “stepping” becoming on the floor. And the back of the sofa falls horizontally, forming a sleeping area of 1600×2030 mm.

When ordering, the customer has the option of choosing his sleeping place type: stiffer or quite soft for a full sense of comfort. The depth of the seat remains comfortable even with two back cushions due to their smart shape, thickness and pleasant elasticity. Milli’s armrests are narrow, but as soft as possible.  Under the seat is equipped with a niche for linen.

Comfort for body and soul – that’s so Milli!

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